Another year, another award!!

As we start a new academic year together, below is information you will need to apply your school/ parish.

If you have never run the award before or you would like to know more about it, please click the link below.


Please register your school/parish using the link below:

If you do not have access to the internet/emails please phone the office here and we can register for you (01744 740461/ 01744 460463).

We now use credits rather than hours. However, if you have been doing the award for a few years and feel more comfortable continuing as you have then please feel free.


A relaunch is taking place on the 25th September for any old/new co ordinator’s this will be taking place at St Margaret Clitherow Centre.

Please email if you are wanting to attend or scan the QR code and sign up yourself.


DEADLINE FOR SIGNING UP – 1st January 2024

Please scan this QR code to sign up or use the link above.

DEADLINE FOR FINAL PIECES – Monday, 20th May 2024 (To be sent/dropped off at Lowe House, 99 Crab Street, St Helens, WA10 2BE)

MODERATORS EVENING – Thursday, 23rd May 2024 (If you would like to be a moderator please let me know –

MODERATORS DEADLINE – Friday, 14th June 2024

AWARD CEREMONIES (Wednesday, 19th June 2024 – Venue TBC)


Please find below resources that may help in running the award this year or click on the specific reflection point tabs to see videos.