Terms and Conditions


Please inform the retreat leader of the overall theme and any more general issues and themes you would like included in the day. 

Please inform the retreat leader of any SEND information before the retreat or on the day itself. 


Staff should accompany any small groups that move from the main retreat room.

At break and lunch at least one member of staff should be outside with young people.

Behaviour not acceptable in school should not be accepted on retreat.   

Schools are required to provide their own qualified first aid person. 

Risk Assessment 

Risk Assessments are available through the booking form procedure.

Break and Lunch

We encourage young people to go outside and get fresh air after having their lunch. We have a large garden they can play games and chat to friends.

We suggest young people bring a second pair of shoes to wear after lunch (or at lunch) as we may ask young people who have been outside to take their shoes off to not bring mud into the house. 

We have a tuck shop that young people can buy cans and chocolate from. Cans are priced at £1, chocolate at 80p and sweets at 20p.


If equipment/furniture etc is damaged due to misbehaviour the school may be invoiced for any replacements or repairs necessary.  


Photos may be used for publicity purposes. No names will be published without additional consent. If there are individuals who may not be photographed, please inform the leader on the day.