The Pilgrimage – As a Young Person

Each year, around 500 young people make the annual trip to Lourdes with the Archdiocese Youth Pilgrimage. The pilgrimage has been running for over 35 years and coaches from across the Archdiocese take part.

While in Lourdes, the youth take part in an array of things. We pray together, work together, eat together, sing together, laugh together and come away with some of the best friendships and memories that we will treasure for life.

Is this your first time of wanting to go? Here’s some information about the coaches and where they are based – Coach Locations.png

Bernadette Team

Are you 18+ and looking for a slightly different experience? 

The St Bernadette Team role includes:

  • Personal care of the assisted pilgrims especial care for those in The Solitude Hotel and the St Frai
  • Spending social time with the assisted pilgrims
  • Day off as a team
  • Entertaining the pilgrims in hotel and hospital