Confirmation Summary

The programme is structured into 4 separate stages:

Called by Name

This is the introductory stage of the programme. We will visit each Catholic school in the diocese and lead a session on the Sacrament of Confirmation for all year 8 pupils. Please get in contact to book this with us. 

AIM: To encourage interest in the Sacrament of Confirmation through interactive and accessible activities.

Called to Serve 

Year 8 pupils will explore the Sacrament of Confirmation in their programme of study in school. These sessions will be tailored to fit the new diocesan scheme and will be led by school staff using resources created by the Diocesan Education department.

AIM: To offer a solid foundation of catechesis on the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Called to Community

Young people who wish to be Confirmed will be invited to take part in local preparation meetings.

AIM: Young people will meet priests and parishioners of the communities into which they will be Confirmed. They will engage in different activities as chosen by the local community and as seem appropriate for that group of people in that area.

Called to Action

Young people should be encouraged to remember that Confirmation is not an end in itself. It should be the start of a renewed life in Christ. Therefore, Deaneries will try and organise follow up events for the newly Confirmed, and there will be opportunities for all those Confirmed across the Diocese to gather at large scale events in the summer term.

AIM: To provide a memorable end to the preparation time and prepare the young people to be sent out into the world with all the gifts that Confirmation offers.

Below you can find a few resources we have created to help with the programme of Confirmation, some of these videos include Deacon Paul Mannings (Secondary Religious Education Adviser) who explains in more detail about the different parts of Confirmation and what to expect. 

The laying on of hands and the Bishop’s prayer. 

The Procession of Faith – The Creed 

Holy Oils 

You can also use this link to find videos on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit