St. William’s, Year 5

On the 13th June 2018, we had a day retreat with Year 5 from St. Williams Catholic Primary School, not so far from my hometown of Wigan! Our theme of the day was ‘living the Christian life’. We began our day trying to understand that sometimes as Christians, it takes courage to put into action what Jesus has taught us and to even say that we are Christian. We then took the time to look at what guides us, as Christians. We looked at some of Jesus’ bible teachings and how we can relate them to our day to day lives in 2018. Of course we did this by taking part in some great activities, in which all of the Year 5’s were keen to get stuck into!

We concluded our day with prayer. We noticed that prayer is the centre of any Christian’s life, as it grounds us back with Jesus. We offered prayers up to the Lord, for our friends, families and ourselves.

All in all it was a lovely day; all the team enjoyed themselves in accompanying the students in the day’s theme.  All the best to the Year 5’s who will be soon moving on to their final year in Primary!