St. Vincent de Paul, Year 6

Animate welcomed year 6 from St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School for a day retreat focusing on the theme of ‘Living the Christian Life’ from John’s Gospel. The morning was centred on activities that enabled the young people to see how courageous they could be; relating this to how it may take a great deal of courage to put our trust in God but the rewards are so great when we do.

We then used the focus on the Gospel to promote ideas of forgiveness, respect and how to find true happiness in God and living simply, rather than putting all our energy into materialistic things.

The children learnt about current issues surrounding climate change and the effects it has on others, reminding them how it is the Christian duty to look after our brothers and sisters around the world. Finally the day ended with the children creating their own self-worth journals to represent how they all have a God given value and worth, to remind them how to be truly fulfilled and happy within themselves.

We had a great day and would like to thank year 6 for their hard work and enthusiasm throughout the day.