St. Oswald’s Year 6

On Wednesday 8th of November, Animate welcomed St. Oswald’s Primary school to Lowe House. The theme of the day was ‘Love your neighbour’ from St. Mark’s gospel.

Throughout the day the young people looked into how we are called to care for those around us and treat others as we would like to be treated.

The morning was jam packed with group activity workshops asking the young people the question ‘who is my neighbour?’  The Year 6’s final realisation was that as a Christian, their neighbours are not just their immediate family but their local community and global community.

In the afternoon, the young people got a chance to put a smile on their classmates faces’ during the activity called Affirmation boxes. Everyone left Lowe House, with a box full of positive comments about themselves from the rest of the class.

We hope that the Year 6’s from St. Oswald’s had a fantastic day and found it both enjoyable and spiritual.