St. Mary’s, Crosby, Year 9

On the 14th March, approaching the 2nd week of Lent, we welcomed Year 9s from St Mary’s to Lowe House. The theme of our time together was ‘Social Justice’ and we put emphasis on speaking in great depths about the current refugee crisis that the world is facing. Our day offered plenty of time for games, group activities and even some time to explore the house whilst taking part in a large-scale simulation. However, we also allowed plenty of time for reflection and serious discussion about the issues that are arising in modern-day society and our duty as Christians to battle against injustice and oppression. To end our time together, the young people took part in different prayer workshops, in which they were able to offer words of support to actual refugees as well as spend time in quiet contemplation and prayer. All in all, the day was jam-packed with content which we hope will stay with the young people of St Mary’s for years to come!