St. Mary’s College Crosby Year 7 Day Retreat

In late September, the Year 7’s from St Mary’s Crosby came on a day retreat to Lowe House.  The theme of the week was New Beginnings.

With the young people less than a month into their new secondary school, the day began with a group exercise called ‘Viking attack’. This is a team building activity which allowed the year 7’s to work together and plan an attack on Western Europe and expand the Viking Empire!! This task was a complete success with all teams working well as a group and impressing both staff and team.

After lunch the entire afternoon was dedicated to personal prayer, the young people used different prayer stations around Lowe House to pray for a number of items close to their own life and the wider world.

We thank the Year 7’s from St Mary’s Crosby for coming to Animate Youth Ministries and we hope they found it both enjoyable and spiritual.