St. Edmund Arrowsmith, Year 9

From the 13th to the 16th of March, we welcomed back Year 9s from St Edmund Arrowsmith to explore the idea of Lent; discussing the ways in which we can live our lives by the three pillars of Lent- fasting, prayer and almsgiving. We enjoyed several activities and took part in different discussions throughout the week in order to think about how we can apply each of these things to our everyday lives.

In the afternoon, we explored stations around the house that were based on different countries around the world and the problems and situations that their inhabitants face each day. Not only was this a time for discovering information and spending time reflecting, but it also offered plenty of food for thought with regards to how we can help others especially in this time of Lent.

All in all, the week was thoroughly enjoyed by us and the pupils and we look forward to day retreats with St Edmund Arrowsmith in the future.