St. Edmund Arrowsmith, Year 8

We worked with Year 8s from St Edmund Arrowsmith from the 16th to the 19th January, thinking about the theme of ‘Letting your light shine brightly’ especially in what might seem the lull after the Christmas period.

It was a great week spent getting to know the young people through plenty of group activities, including the very successful debut of our new simulation game ‘Refugee on the Go’; in which the young people had to work their way through a series of challenges playing the role of refugees.

Not only was this engaging for both staff and pupils, but we were able to use the activity as a tool to build on the understanding of the current refugee crisis; sharing real life stories with the young people which really hit home.

Overall, the week was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we hope the message we shared about shining brightly in the darkness stays with the young people for years to come.