St. Augustine’s, Year 8

Just before half term the team headed to St Augustine’s to spend two days with their year 8s, discussing the theme of ‘Vocation’. We spoke about the definition of vocation and how each person experiences a unique calling; whether it’s a religious calling, a desire to get married and have a family or simply which career path you’re drawn to. But the overriding theme of the day was the idea of love as a vocation as we explored how every person on the planet is called to love others. 

We spent the day doing both stage presentations as well as workshops in which the young people explored the idea of love and vocations, all the while having fun. The day concluded beautifully with the pupils taking part in prayer stations which offered them a chance for personal prayer and reflection. 

All in all, the mission days were great fun for both us and the young people of St Augustine’s and we wish them the best of luck in discerning their vocations in the future.