Our Lady Bishop Eton, Year 6

Heading towards the end of May, we worked with Our Lady Bishop Eton Catholic Primary School. For me I was fortunate to lead the day on the theme of ‘It was then that I carried you’ based on the 1930’s poem by Mary Stevenson.  Throughout the day we explored how and who have carried us in our lives through the times we might feel difficult or lonely. We first looked at how we support and trust each other by taking part in various trust activities such as ‘The Human Table’! We recognised all those who love and support us have been given to us by God to help us on our life journey. For the rest of the day we looked how God has directly ‘carried’ us, starting off with Y6 making their own Gospel Story Dramas and linking from How Jesus helped others when he was on earth and how he helps us each and every day. There were so many different and fun activities which Y6 all enjoyed especially Egg Drop!

It was a lovely day enjoyed by the Day retreat team and Our Lady’s Bishop Eton.