Hope Academy

Towards the end of February we had a Mission Week at Hope Academy in Newton-le-Willows. The theme of the week we looked at was ‘A mind to be kind’ and we explored this theme through our stage sessions with each year. The sessions looked at being kind to oneself and recognising that we all are God’s masterpieces; being kind to our neighbour but not just those close to us but all people;  and kindness towards our environment as it affects others and is God’s gift of creation to us. For all who have experienced an Animate Mission Week, the week was packed with dramas, gameshows and interactive activities which helped us to understand these themes in a fun manner!

During Mission Week in the mornings we had ‘Breakfast with God’ and it was great to see so many students get involved with reflection and prayer with us. A great way to prepare you for the day ahead and growing more knowledge spiritually of what it means to have a mind to be kind.

Towards the end of our Mission Week, we had some services with each year which helped bring together all of our thoughts and prayers of the week and offer them to God. On the same day Hope Academy held a coffee morning for parents and members of the community. It was amazing to hear great comments about the week and for other people of the extended Hope community to be able to experience Mission Week.