Final Piece

Final Pieces

Each final piece should include evidence of reflection, the active work that candidates have done, and a conclusion of what they have gained from the award.

If a candidate has done more than one award level they should try to refer back to previous years to demonstrate how they have grown over the year and how the award has helped them in that.

No matter what level or age of the candidate, one question should always remain constant… WHAT KIND OF PERSON AM I BECOMING?

Pin: Seeking, Searching

Pin is all about discovery, discovery is highly important within this award as it is the foundation on which their Faith in Action Scheme will be built. The candidate should highlight the activities which they have taken part in and reflect on how these activities have had a positive effect in the life of themselves, the people they have met, and the wider life of the Church and society. 

Bronze: Belonging

The bronze award is all about service. When we look at the scripture from John 13 we are all called to be a servant of God. It is also the first level in the award which asks the young people to be involved in the outside community as well as in their parish/school. It’s the first stepping stone in learning about authentic faith, being that it shows in all of their lives not just at Church. The candidate should display in their final piece what service they have offered to those around them and what they have learnt from serving others.

Silver: Vocation

Silver is focused on leadership. Giving the young people the opportunity to grow more in their abilities, leading at whatever level is appropriate for them (not everyone can stand at the front). It shows a commitment to being a key player in the mentorship of their brothers and sisters in faith. The final piece should outline the ways that the candidate has used their God given gifts to lead those around them, including what they have gained and any challenges they may have faced and how they overcame them.

Gold: Mission

Gold is about innovation, creating and helping fulfil the needs of those around them. When Jesus sent out the apostles he called them to be missionaries in the world, in the same way we too must become missionaries in our communities and the wider world.  It is the culmination of all the previous tiers’ work focusing on the candidate’s pioneering work in their communities, with a deeper understanding of why they’re doing what they are. The final work should include evidence of them trying to cultivate new projects/groups to accommodate the spiritual as well as physical needs of those around them.