Please read carefully before registering for Faith in Action.

It has been great to have so many young people take part in the Faith in Action scheme over the past few years.

For the year 2020-21 these are the changes to note.

1. As a Diocese we have been using an electronic registration. Unfortunately, at the moment the electronic registration form is not functioning correctly and therefore we are asking if you haven’t received an email on Monday, 9th November of confirmation could you please sign up by emailing

If you do need to email please could you include:

  1. Name of Co ordinator
  2. Email and contact details
  3. Name of School or Parish
  4. Estimate of numbers (pin, bronze, silver and gold)

If you do not have access to the internet/emails please phone the office here and we can register for you (01744 740461/ 01744 460463).

2. We now use credits rather than hours. However, if you have been doing the award for a few years and feel more comfortable continuing as you have then please feel free.