We are running the Faith in Action Award this year!

As we start a new academic year together, below is information you will need to apply your school/ parish.

If you have never run the award before or you would like to know more about it, please click the link below.


  1. Please register your school/parish using the link below:

Faith In Action Form 2022 – 2023

If you do not have access to the internet/emails please phone the office here and we can register for you (01744 740461/ 01744 460463).

2. We now use credits rather than hours. However, if you have been doing the award for a few years and feel more comfortable continuing as you have then please feel free.


A catch up for any old/new co ordinator’s will be taking place on 29th September at 1.30pm.

Please email l.lynch@animateyouth.co.uk if you are wanting to attend and I can send you the link.


DEADLINE FOR FINAL PIECES – 22nd May 2023 (To be sent/dropped off at Lowe House, 99 Crab Street, St Helens, WA10 2BE)

MODERATORS EVENING – 25th May 2023 (If you would like to be a moderator please let me know – l.lynch@animateyouth.co.uk)


AWARD CEREMONIES (21st June 2023 – St Mary’s Church, Lowe House, 99 Crab Street, St Helens, WA10 2BE)

  • Refreshments – 4.30pm
  • Award Ceremony – 5.00pm
  • End of Ceremony – 6.30pm Latest Finish


Please find below resources that may help in running the award this year or click on the specific reflection point tabs to see videos.