We are still running the FIA award this year.


Please read carefully before registering for Faith in Action. 

It has been great to have so many young people take part in the Faith in Action scheme over the past few years.

For the year 2020-21 these are the changes to note. 

1. Could you please sign up by emailing l.lynch@animateyouth.co.uk.

If you do need to email please could you include:

  1. Name of Co ordinator 
  2. Email and contact details
  3. Name of School or Parish
  4. Estimate of numbers (pin, bronze, silver and gold)

If you do not have access to the internet/emails please phone the office here and we can register for you (01744 740461/ 01744 460463).

2. We now use credits rather than hours. However, if you have been doing the award for a few years and feel more comfortable continuing as you have then please feel free.

How will the award run this year?

It may be that you are uncertain about registering this year as you are unsure how the award can run?

We have had a few thoughts here and offer some suggestions below:

Primary Schools

The vast majority of primary schools that register for the award register their entire year 6 cohort. Therefore, offering the necessary Reflection Points through the year should still be possible as pupils would be working in their own ‘bubble’.

We have also added a section in the attached document of suggested activities that are possible to do in the new circumstances in which we find ourselves.

High Schools

High schools present more of a problem in running the award. Most schools in the past have had a mixture of year groups taking part in the award and having those year groups mix for Reflection Points this year is difficult.

Depending on numbers a school might be able to work around this problem within their own circumstances.

However, to keep young people in their own year group ‘bubble’ a solution might be to have a week of Reflection Points four times a year. For example, year 7’s on Monday and each year taking a day that week.

With fewer numbers in each session it might be that each Reflection Point takes a lot less time than it has done previously. Please do not be afraid of spending less time on the Reflection Points.

All the Reflection Points that are available are on our website.


Probably the most difficult of the lot will be running the award in the parish. It is hard to say how this could run as all parishes are different and the make-up of the groups varies from place to place.

However, it sems that most places will run up against the issue of how to run Reflection Points for parishioners if they are all coming from different homes.

To help with this we will create four Reflection Points that can be done at home on your own.

We will lead and deliver short, recorded Reflection Points and upload them to You Tube.

All a co-ordinator might need to do is tell any young person to check their email for the link that you can send them and then they go through the Reflection Point at home (maybe with family?).

You would not need to lead any Reflection Points in person and the award could still function.

However, we are aware that it will be difficult for parishes this year so you might choose to have a fallow year?

Additional Resources

We are very aware that many things you might have done in the past with the award might not be possible this year.

To help plug those gaps we will try to offer, through the year, a few things that young people can be involved with that will help top-up their hours/credits.

Nearer the time we will be recording these events we will email registered schools and parishes and ask for volunteers to be involved. You may wish to ask young people to contribute to these events as requested.

By volunteering young people will increase their credits. Although simply watching/participating at home will be enough to increase credits at the lower end of the award scheme.

We will publish and upload on YouTube (on the ‘Animate Youth’ YouTube channel) on these dates the following activities/events (although the events will be published on these days they will be available after that day to be used at any time):

1st November          An evening of Taize style music and reflections.

Young People will be able to watch and join in with the simple words of Taize music. The Animate Team will lead the evening from the chapel at Lowe House. Young people will be able to watch and will be invited to take part in advance through recording readings and reflections.

22nd November       Feast of Christ the King / Youth Sunday

A liturgy to celebrate young people in the Diocese with testimonies, music, scripture and reflections.

6th December          Advent Youth Alive Mass

To be held in the chapel at Lowe House. Young people will be able to watch the Mass and can take part through pre-recorded readings and intercessions.

1st January             Praise and Worship Music Evening

An evening of Praise and Worship music to be held in the chapel at Lowe House. Young people will be able to watch and will be invited to take part in advance through recording readings and reflections.

14th February          Lenten Services

The Animate Team will create recorded reflections on the three pillars of Lent, looking at Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.

New Guided Faith In Action Reflection Points

The Animate Team will create four new guided reflection points this year, during lockdown. These are ideal to be used individually at home if it is impossible or impractical for the reflection point to be led by a chaplain/ catechist.

These are available on our website here and they can also be accessed from our YouTube account, Animate Youth.

New Reflection Point

We will create a new Reflection Point that will be available on the 7th December that is a specific Covid 19 themed reflection point.

As reflections only usually start later in the year, we will only publish this in December and will email it to all our registered schools/parishes. 

This RP will allow young people to reflect on the global pandemic, their part in it, what they can do to help, what others in others parts of the world are enduring and simply an opportunity to discuss/reflect on issues they may have at the moment.