Bellerive FCJ College, Year 8

On Tuesday 26th February, the Team were invited back to Bellerive FCJ College to work with Year 8 on the theme of Sacrifice in the run up to Lent.  

Over the course of the day we focused on the three pillars of Lent of Fasting, Giving and Prayer through different workshops, activities and times of prayer.  

We challenged the young people to think of these pillars in different ways: rather than thinking of fasting as just giving something up like crisps or chocolate for Lent, why not try fasting from gossiping or arguing; giving is usually associated with giving of alms to charity, but what about giving of our time to others and to God. 

We ended the day with interactive Stations of the Cross allowing the young people to pray at these stations in different ways and to pray for situations in their lives and situations around the world.  

The team enjoyed working with Year 8 again and hope the young people enjoyed their day too!