All Hallows Year 7 Day Retreats

The theme for All Hallows year 7 this year was ‘Great things grow from small beginnings’.

In total we worked with all the year group which was 160 young people over three days.

The theme which was chosen from the school was based on the mustard seed parable: the fact that something so insignificant can grow to be something so significant.

We ourselves can question our significance in the world, sometimes we ask ourselves… What can I offer? What makes me so special? But once we are able to see our potential and our purpose for whatever it may be, we then allow ourselves to grow stronger and stronger like the mustard seed.

This is what we challenged the young people to think about, what makes them different from the person sat next to them? But we also had a strong element throughout the day on how our faith guides us every day to grow. Recognising that we are all prodigies within this world because someone has created us in so much detail and purpose can be the thing that drives us to live for that reason even if we are unable to see it ourselves.