You are my beloved (Mark 1:11)

Join 10,000 young people at Wembley Arena for Flame 2019!

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More on the theme

Significance is defined as “worthy of attention,” “with meaning,” “important.” In terms of Scripture, it is a word which resonates deeply with God’s words from heaven at the Baptism of Jesus, and the Transfiguration, “You are my Beloved.”

In choosing this as the theme for Flame2019, we are very mindful of the context of many young people in England and Wales, where issues of mental health and self esteem are prevalent. Within the day we would like to weave in the idea of “The Perfect Selfie” – us, at our gifted and graced best, beloved by God. We are in a world where young people can feel constrained to measure self-esteem in Twitter and Instagram “likes”, responses to Facebook status updates, and Snapchat conversations. We hope that Flame2019 offers a fresh depth of perspective for young people, centred in their creation in the image and likeness of God. We would like all of those on stage to emphasise the uniqueness, giftedness, and blessed nature of every young person.

We are also mindful of the immense capacity of young people to be full of generosity, charity, kindness and hope. We want to affirm the joy and inspiration of youth

Programme Outline

10.00  Outer Doors Open for toilet facilities ,etc.
11.00  Arena Doors Open
11.00 – 12.00  Musical warm up – Premier Gospel DJs & MCs
   Including: Guvna B, Rise Theatre, Emma Borquaye, a Senior figure from  the Catholic  Church and Tim Hughes
13.40  Lunch with a wide variety of lunchtime activities  – Call back at 14.50
   Including: Robert Madu, Senior figure from the Catholic Church reflecting  on the Synod on Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment, Tim  Hughes and testimony from young people – “Moments of Significance”
16.20  Break
16.40  Closing Liturgy – Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, with homily from  Cardinal Vincent Nichols, celebrated with virtually every Bishop from  England and Wales
 Music led by Tim Hughes
17.25  Liturgy concludes with “commissioning” for every young person present;  practical and prayerful actions to take with them from the Arena to their  homes, schools and parishes.
17.40  Tim Hughes concludes the day (music playing until 17.55)