Since launching the award last year we have noted a few queries which will hopefully be addressed below.

  1. The deadline for final pieces is 1st May 2018. Final pieces should be at Lowe House by the end of the day on the 1st May. Group Coordinators must also submit Return Proforma.
  2. Moderators do not ‘pass/fail’ the candidates for this award. The role of the moderators is to look at the final pieces and affirm the young people for all the work which they have done over the year. As you are leaders of the award and know the participating candidates it is your responsibility to confirm whether or not the young person has completed the work and hours needed for the correct award level. Any piece submitted will be given an award and it is the responsibility of the local leader to ensure pieces submitted are of the requited level.Note: As leaders you are allowed to change a candidate’s award level if you feel they are more suited to receiving a lower award level.
  3. The final piece is a chance for the young people to reflect on their work throughout the year. It is important for the young people to realise that they can be as creative (to a certain extent!!) as they want to be. We realise that some young people can vary in literacy levels and creative skills: chaplains/leaders should make a note of any extenuating circumstances on the final piece which only the moderator will see but will allow the moderator a greater awareness of how the young person has completed their final piece.
  4. Only the final pieces need to be handed in to us to distribute to the moderators. Each final piece should have a name and award level attached.
  5. Sadly we do not have specific final pieces for you to act as a guideline this year. We will try to get copies of pieces this year to use in the future. However, for this year we have made a few notes (below) of what to look for in final pieces.
  6. Moderators will take final pieces home after their meeting on the 3rd May so it is essential that final pieces arrive no later than the 1st. Pieces arriving after this date will be kept for the following year’s award. Due to the tight turnaround of having the award ceremony in the same academic year we will be unable to accept late submissions.
  7. Final pieces will be re-distributed back to individuals at the awards ceremony. Young people will receive their certificate and badge and final piece back at the same time. Any individual that cannot make the award ceremony will have to collect their awards and final piece from Lowe House: we will be unable to deliver them back to schools this year. It is the responsibility of the individual to collect their final piece and award from Lowe House if not at the award ceremony.
    Final pieces can be sent to:
    Animate Youth Ministries
    Lowe House,
    99 Crab Street,
    St Helens,
    WA10 2BE
    Or you can make other suitable arrangements for final pieces to be at Lowe House by the deadline.
  8. When submitting your final pieces could you also attach the pro-forma attached to this email that will allow us to keep better track of the individuals who have submitted work, the school/parish they belong to, and the level they are aiming for. This is in addition to each final piece having a name and award level visible.
  9. The candidates will be invited to an Award Ceremony on the 2nd July 2018. This will be at Lowe House where they will be awarded their certificate and badge by Archbishop Malcom McMahon. The ceremony will start at 6pm and we hope will finish at around 8pm. Light refreshments will be available before the ceremony from 5pm in the parish hall at Lowe House. Invitations will be sent to your group after the 1st May when we have all final pieces.
  10. Please encourage your young people to attend this night of celebration. One of the aims of the award is to showcase the work of young people across the Diocesan family with the Archbishop at its head.
  11. In some cases it may be impossible/impractical to organise all young people to attend the ceremony from your school/parish but please pass on invitations to individuals as they may be able to make their own way with family.
  12. This year we have 54 groups taking part in the award. We are expecting well over 500 final pieces to be submitted. This is the main reason we have to insist on a firm deadline this year. It is also the reason we cannot hand deliver final pieces back if people cannot make the award ceremony. It also means the moderators will be kept very busy! Could we make a final appeal for additional moderators? If you are interested in becoming a moderator for the Faith In Action Award the moderators’ evening will take place on the 3rd May here at Lowe House starting at 5pm with tea and coffee from 4:30pm. This will give you an opportunity to see what other candidates have been getting up to in the past year and possibly give you ideas for the future! If you would like to be a moderator but cannot make the meeting please contact Fr Simon who can fill you in with what you need to know.


Return Proforma