St. James, Stockport, Year 8

During February we had the opportunity to work with Y8’s from St James’ Catholic High School from Stockport. Throughout the retreats we focussed upon the motto from the school of ‘Shine’. To take further this idea we looked at scripture from the gospel of Matthew, telling us that we should let our light shine by displaying our gifts and talents.

Throughout the days we led workshops and activities which involved team work, to help display this idea of all coming together and letting our light shine by using various skills and abilities to achieve success.

To conclude our day we focussed upon the talents of those around us in the school community by affirming each other in personal affirmation booklets. Finally there was time to meditate and think of how we can now go out into the world and make a difference to others by not burying what we have been gifted with.

All in all, it was a lovely few days we spent together. The Team enjoyed working with you all and I hope that all involved enjoyed it also.