St. Benedict's, Netherton, Year 6

During this term we have also worked with St. Benedict’s Primary School with Y6. The day followed an Animated Mass the day before at St Benet’s Church in Netherton; therefore meaning to most pupils we were familiar faces! However the day we shared was looking into the new Nationally Recognised Catholic Award which is ‘Faith in Action’.  Throughout our day we looked at the 4 different reflection points of the scheme and relating it back to the work they had completed during the academic year that goes towards the award. 

Through the day we managed to take part in various activities and group work to help us reflect over the work we had been doing and to focus on who our neighbours are and why serving others helps build the kingdom of God.

It was a fantastic day and all involved seemed to all enjoy it too. We wish the best of luck to those going on to the next tier of the award and a huge congratulations on those who will soon be receiving their pin award in the near future.