St. Bartholomew, Rainhill, Year 6

During May we had the pleasure of welcoming St Bartholomew’s Y6’s to come and enjoy a day full of different fun activities! Throughout our day together we focussed on the theme of ‘Let your light shine’. 

We started off our day by looking at how each of us is unique with our own personal skills, gifts and talents of which have been given to us by God and that we should not be afraid to show them off in order to encourage others to do the same! We did this by taking part in our very own ‘Animate Mini Olympics!’ which everyone seemed to enjoy.

In addition we were blessed with a very warm and sunny day, so therefore we had the chance to do various outdoor activities such as Egg Drop and Affirmation Whispers! Here we learnt that it’s good to encourage other’s abilities even though sometimes we might find it difficult to believe.

To round off our time together, we shared a personal time of reflection in which we thanked God for all he has given us in life that we enjoy and also asking him for some guidance with something that we may want to get better at.

The team really loved the day with St Bartholomew’s and we hope that all of Y6 enjoyed it too!