De la Salle, St. Helens, Year 7

It was a delight to work with De La Salle last week, thinking about the theme of ‘Being La Sallian’.

Throughout the day we focused on 5 points which helped us to actively live out this theme, which were concern for the poor and social justice, quality education, inclusive community, respect for all persons and faith in the presence of God.

We found that each of these La Sallian points had one thing in common which was ‘respect’.

Whether that was to show respect to our classmates, teachers, leaders, parents, God or even the stranger across the world to us.

Within our faith we are asked to love our neighbour, in doing so we need to show affection and care for the people around us.

To end our day we focused on how God teaches and guides us to be a La Sallian. Of course this is a difficult task but the young people were able to reflect on how they can make a difference in the world.

Realising that tiny changes in how we live our lives can make a huge difference, we challenged the young people to start thinking about the small changes they can make within school and within the world.