Registration: Each diocese and religious order/youth organisation is allocated a set number of tickets to send delegates. Please download the registration form. We will contact you later for ages of the young people that you will bring.

If you are a school or youth group, you may also request tickets. Download the registration form, these will be allocated on a first come first saved basis. We will contact you nearer the time for ages in your group.

If you’re aged 17+ and not associated to a school or parish, but you and a group of friends want to come along – please complete ‘Group of Friends’ booking form.

Priest Registration: If you are a priest who can hears confessions 4.40-5.30 pm complete a Priest Registration Form

If you have any questions about priest registration please email Peter Murphy 

Group Risk Assessment & Safeguarding Guidance: Please download risk assessment & safeguarding guidance advice for your group.

If you have any questions contact Lorraine Leonard